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Formwork application

Formwork application

Project Overview:

The Shenyang Weinan Disabled Art Training Center Project is located in the Weinan New District of Shenyang City.It has three floors above ground level and a building area of 15,700 square meters. It has a unique public building.There are three canopies in the northeast,northwest and southewest.The canopy is supported by two columns.The on-site installation height of reinforced concrete columns is 4.95m.In order to facilitate construction and save cost,the project department chose to ues this type of circular column formwork.

Compistion of cricular column formwork:

The formwork consists of two parts,a panel formwork and a steel strip.The panel formwork is a shaped plywood.This kind of material is processed according to the disameter of the frame column,and there are concave and convex grooves on the side,so that the splicing between the plates and the plates is tight and mutual bite,which ensures that the concrete does not leak slurry during the pouring project.

Cricular column formwork rendering:

The formwork look

formwork  components

The size of the formwork can be divided into four categories according to the diameter of the frame column from 200mm to 2200mm.

Inner diameter       (mm)






Formwork installation:

1、Misplaced installation

When the template exceeds 3m, the formwork is misplaced. First, the wire is closed and closed, and then fixed with a fixed steel strip. The distance between the fixed steel strips is 200 to 300 mm. After the template is closed and reinforced, the bottom of the template is filled with cement mortar.

2、Steel belt horizontal installation

When the steel strip is installed, the formwork is measured with a steel ruler, and 3 to 4 small nails are nailed around the same height of the template. When the steel strip is placed on the nail, the position of the steel strip can be kept horizontal without offset. When installing the screws, the tightening degree of each screw should be consistent, so as to ensure the tightness of the steel strip.

3、Upper and lower interfaces for reinforcement

The steel plate can be reinforced by adding a steel strip to the upper and lower interfaces of the two templates. The steel strip should cover the interface horizontally.

4、Pouring concrete

The concrete within 7 meters can be watered once, and watered more than 7 meters twice, 30 to 60 minutes apart. Concrete pouring can be carried out according to the actual situation on site.

5、Formwork reinforcement

After the Formwork is installed, protect the Formwork, add 50x100 wood around the Formwork, and fix it with steel pipe. The distance between the upper and lower sides of the steel pipe is 500 ~ 1500mm, which can be set according to the full house red scaffolding step. Assuring the vertical positioning of the Formwork can also make the force of the template form a whole and achieve the effect of secondary reinforcement.

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