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prefab house ,precast wall,prefabricated home released

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 prefabricated wall.jpg

     The product was researched and developed in 2016. The wall adopts 30mm concrete on both sides with 140mm polyurethane in the middle, which is high-strength fiberglas  to form a thermally insulated bridge.

On-site assembly way:  full dry connection, using high-strength bolts and connecting plates.



 22-26 degree.jpg

1. shock resistance-  Richter magnitude 8

2. Adiabatic  

3. Sound insulation

4. Lightweight, fast assembly

5. Environmental friendly


The difference between low-energy passive houses and ordinary houses


Passive houses with low energy consumption, it have strong thermal insulation and sealing. In the case of no heating supply in winter, the air conditioner can reach a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius,26 degrees in summer , and the electricity consumption only 1/6 of that of ordinary houses . Save 5/6 energy.

insulation glass.jpg

The passive house is equipped with a fresh air system and a filter device, which can effectively filter fine particles of PM2.5 pollen. Equipped with a carbon dioxide sensor probe to ensure that the carbon dioxide concentration is kept below 2000mg/m3 all year round.

Set the humidity sensor probe to ensure that the humidity in summer is controlled at 40%-60% and the humidity in winter is controlled at "30%. Various measures to ensure healthy and fresh air, and the temperature is controlled at 24-26° in summer and 20-24° in winter. which is far more comfortable than ordinary houses, especially for area with cold winters and hot summers.




How to ensure  thermal insulation?

A : 140mm polyurethane thermal insulation layer, the sewer pipe and drain pipe are both covered with thermal and sound insulation felt.

B :Thermal insulation windows, 3 layers of glass, 2 hollows. The glass are Low-e glass and warm edge materials, the heat transfer coefficient K of the whole window is less than 0.8


How to create an efficient fresh air and heat-recycle system?

   The fresh air system performs indoor and outdoor air replacement 24 hours a day, and the indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality can be adjusted through the fresh air system.

  The power of the fresh air system is only 1/6 of that of the air conditioner. Low energy consumption guarantees constant temperature, constant oxygen, and constant static, eliminating haze.

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