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concrete wall mould

发布时间:2020/6/12 17:03:32

When pouring concrete, construction workers are most afraid of deformation of concrete wall mould . Light repair, and heavy chiseling and re-casting.




  Why is the integrity of concrete wall mould destroyed ?




The main reason is that most of the construction sites now use round-pipe timber reinforcement.





  The round-pipe wood reinforcement is a point-to-point contact, and the effect of the bearing area often occurs when the square wood is compressed, and it deforms at the contact point with the steel pipe, which leads to irregular wall data .




  The construction quality is difficult to be guaranteed and needs to be repaired by workers later.




  Moreover, the typical characteristics of this kind of reinforcement system are high cost, serious waste, unsafe, unstable and unadjustable. The resulting wall is not flat enough, which is prone to run-out and leakage. Especially at the entrances and corners, it is more troublesome to fix the formwork.




  So, is there any way to solve the problem of traditional concrete wall mould reinforcement construction ?






Supporting characteristics of new shear wall formwork




  1. Sturdy and not deformed


 A14.jpg A13.jpg


The products are all made of cold-rolled steel plates, which are light in weight, large in elasticity, firm and not deformed.






  2. Flexible connection and light weight





  The crossbeam adopts a single-pipe punching design, which is not only flexible in connection but also light in weight.




  3. More convenient operation




The cold-rolled steel with a   beam thickness of 2.5 mm can meet the bearing strength while reducing the weight, and the operation is more convenient.




  4. Several font design


 Concrete wall mould


  The vertical beam has a chevron design, which increases the contact area and makes the material less susceptible to deformation.




  5. Simple and beautiful installation




  The accessories are tightly connected, and the installation is simple and beautiful.




  6. High strength and corrosion resistance




  Surface electrophoresis treatment, high strength and corrosion resistance.




  7. More than 300 turnovers




  Instead of the use of wood, the theoretical turnover can be as high as 300 or more, and the rate of repeated use is high.




  8. The welding place is smooth and strong




  The welding method adopts automatic mechanical gas shielded welding, and the welding place is smooth and strong.

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