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circular column wood formwork solves the difficult problem of stereotyped steel formwork and assembly.

发布时间:2020/5/27 16:51:21

circular column wood formwork solves the difficult problem of stereotyped steel formwork and assembly.


 1. Few seams, high flatness, tight vertical joints and no leakage. Because the inner wall of the circular column wooden formwork is smooth and the epoxy resin mold layer and the concrete are not easy to bond, the formwork can be passed at a time, and then the thermal insulation performance is good, and the breathability is more to make the overall effect of the concrete supreme, so it is poured The concrete surface is smooth and flat, the color is consistent, the roundness is accurate, and the verticality error is small.


 2. Light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation performance and good wear resistance: the installation of circular column wooden formwork is very simple, two meters of column mold can be installed by two people, erected manually, simple operation, reducing the labor intensity of the operator .


3. It is easy to form, easy to assemble and disassemble, and has high ergonomics: Since the formwork is processed according to the bridge direction and corners, it can be arbitrarily cut according to the turning radius of the bridge, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The preliminary calculation can increase the ergonomics by 2 to 3 times.


4. After removing the log formwork, it is easy to clean up. After removing the mold, clean the formwork waste and apply the isolating agent. When cleaning the formwork, the surface corrosion-resistant resin cannot be damaged. The partially damaged formwork can be repaired and used again, and the formwork with larger damaged area can be shortened and used to connect other formworks. The log form should be placed vertically. When placed horizontally, only single layer discharge is allowed, stacking and stacking is prohibited.

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