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Installation procedure of column clamp

发布时间:2020/5/6 17:05:48

1. Connect the four square column templates in turn (pay attention to the anastomosis of the slot interface during the docking process), and connect the templates in turn with the square column auxiliary bracket (ensure that the auxiliary bracket is in the same plane to ensure the square and square buckle level in the next step).

Connect the four square column templates in turn.


2. Pass four square radius buckle ends through the bending space of the adjacent square radius buckle ends in turn, and ensure that the bending space of each square radius buckle end gets stuck in the other square radius buckle ends.

Then the square column is placed on the auxiliary bracket.


The inner edge of the square buckle is close to the outer edge of the square template.

3, place the reinforcement inclined iron in turn, and then use the hammer in turn to hit the reinforcement of the inclined iron (strength is not too large), to ensure that the reinforcement of a single square buckle uniform force.

Measure out the distance between the radius buckle, according to the above order to start the next radius buckle reinforcement.


4, the maintenance and storage of products coated plastic film square column template, after use to thoroughly clean the inner surface layer, do not use sharp tools in the cleaning process, so as to avoid damage to the surface layer of the template plastic film, if long-term storage can be coated on the surface of the template to protect.

The wooden square column formwork shall be protected from sun and rain during the storage process. In the construction site, the formwork shall be stored on a flat and dry site with no less than three wooden square supports of 10*10 at the bottom.


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