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The advantage of wooden circular column forms is not only their small weight

发布时间:2020/4/22 16:11:40

In the construction of circular column buildings, we have always emphasized the use of wooden circular column formwork. The installation is simple. One or two workers can install it very quickly. Is it possible to use the wood formwork to replace the traditional steel formwork and other formwork methods only because it is lightweight? Of course not. The light weight of the formwork is only a small feature, because when the formwork is constructed, the weight of a formwork affects the distribution of the entire construction personnel. The current labor cost is a not small project for construction expenditure. This is why now There will be a shortage of labor, because the number of circular column formworks is used more, the product itself is very easy to use, and gradually everyone knows that it is light and useful, so when you understand it, everyone will say that it is light, in fact There are many aspects to the characteristics of the round formwork.

In addition to its light weight, the circular column formwork can also effectively prevent grouting and leakage when concrete is poured. Now when the formwork is removed at the construction site, it will be found that the form is poor, or the form of the splice of the formwork is a trace. Then, the effect of this molding will be greatly reduced, and such results will not be good to customers. Many construction sites will spend a second time to carry out polishing and repair. Its practical use of our circular column wood formwork products can avoid this kind of thing. Occurred, the patented design of the concave and convex grooves of the circular column  sub-formwork teaches you how to make a cylinder, and the traces from the effect are gone, is it amazing!

In fact, I can say more than one time about the characteristics of the wooden circular column formwork, but you can remember the lightest weight. The patented product of Fangyuan Company has really changed the traditional construction process. Seeing so many construction sites are used Fangyuan Company is very pleased with the circular column wooden formwork. We have always made the mission of making the building simpler. In the next step we not only make the round formwork lighter, but also make its sales price more cost-effective. For the formwork, I choose a square and round circular column formwork.

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