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How to judge the secondary reinforcement of Circular column formwork

发布时间:2020/4/17 16:34:28

As we all know, the size of the wooden round formwork produced by our Square circle formwork round construction mold can be customized from 250mm in diameter or more. The current maximum diameter can even be 4200mm. Due to the different thickness of the round formwork with different diameters, the load on the concrete The pressure is also different. Therefore, whether the periphery of the round formwork needs secondary reinforcement depends on the situation.

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The formwork with a diameter of 250-600mm only needs to be reinforced with our matching steel belt, and no secondary reinforcement is needed on the periphery.

The formwork with a diameter of more than 700mm is relatively large, so after reinforcement with our matching steel belt, a second peripheral reinforcement is required to ensure that the pouring of the round formwork is safer. Then, the large-diameter wooden round formwork with a diameter of 900mm is best to perform secondary reinforcement at the periphery of the formwork construction. When the large-diameter round wood formwork is placed and cast, accidents such as bursting of the mold occur.

Suggestion: The formwork with a diameter of more than 700mm, higher than 6 meters, it is recommended to be poured in stages, and it can be poured at a time within 6 meters.

The peak season of 2020 is coming, customers who need to place an order must make arrangements in advance. The standing specifications of Fangyuan construction mold processing are between 250mm and 4200mm, which are standing specifications. Large-diameter construction circular formworks with a diameter of more than 4.2 meters need to be customized and processed The cycle is generally within 7 days.

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