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Surplus value and workers' basic respect

发布时间:2020/4/9 17:10:25

In China, the best formwork manufacturing process is Shandong Province, which is located on the eastern coast of China and the lower Yellow River. , 437.28 kilometers long from north to south. The territory includes two parts: the peninsula and the inland. The Shandong peninsula protrudes from the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea and faces the Liaodong Peninsula far away; the land area of the province is 155,800 square kilometers and the ocean area is 159,600 square kilometers. The provincial capital is Jinan. Jinan City is rich in groundwater resources, but this has brought great silent costs for the construction of subways. The construction of the tunnel must maintain the stability of the water ecosystem. This poses a huge challenge to concrete construction. In the construction of Jinan Metro project. Our company cooperates with China Railway Construction Bureau. Completed subway construction. The person in charge of the project affirmed the quality of our formwork. Why would I describe the geographical location of Shandong Province. This is just to hope that you can dispel the distrust of our products by comparing geographic locations. You may not believe it. The African construction company also uses our formwork. There I want to fry an egg on the formwork.

Market-tested formwork. Whether it is from the applicability of the project or the cleanliness of the appearance, it will be more in line with the engineering requirements. The spirit of the new business era, while ensuring the use value, pays more attention to economy. There is no doubt that using our formwork is a technical means to increase the excess surplus value. (Excess surplus value: individual capitalists increase the productivity of labor to make the individual value of their commodities lower than the social value but more than the general capitalists. ) This is very consistent with the theory of residual value. Can bring greater economic benefits. Another point is that laws around the world have the same concept of protection for workers. Therefore, the quality of the product is very important. Our main product is wooden formwork. Compared with the metal formwork, its quality is lighter, and the quality of each unit compared to the metal through common sense we can know who is lighter and heavier. The advantage brought about is: the workers are very convenient to operate. Everyone likes this way of working. This is a respect for workers. Winning respect is equal to winning efficiency. Needless to say the rest, this is simply the butterfly that caused the storm instigated its wings. Just to improve efficiency, shorten the construction period, and then shorten the repayment cycle of bank loans. The benefits of this interest savings are obvious.

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