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Analysis of wood column formwork compared with plastic column formwork

发布时间:2020/4/5 16:36:27

Analysis of wood column formwork compared with plastic column formwork

Although plastic formwork can also be used in construction, due to the relatively brittle plastic, forced demoulding may also cause building damage, etc., resulting in secondary plastering, so our construction party rarely uses plastic  formwork. What are the benefits of plastic  formwork?

column wood formwork is light in weight and can be moved as long as it is manual. There is no need to use any machinery such as tower cranes in the process of supporting the mold. Even one person can complete the supporting mold. The wood formwork is formed by double-sided hot-pressing and overmolding, the surface of the  formwork is smooth, and the wood formwork after demolding has a clear water effect without the need for secondary plastering and other constructions. Compared with the glass fiber reinforced plastic formwork, PVC plastic formwork, etc., the new wooden formwork has plastic coating treatment, easy demolding, wooden formwork turnover times more than 10 times, a formwork can be used many times, low overall cost.

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