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Notes for pouring concrete

发布时间:2019/12/27 11:31:45

After this period of understanding, presumably everyone has learned a lot about building materials such as cement circular column formwork, but in the process of use, there will still be various problems, such as root leakage or formwork release. The effect is still not so ideal. So how should we deal with these situations? What should we pay attention to when using circular column  wood formwork? Don't worry, let's take a look. Three things need attention in the construction of cast-in-place concrete circular column  formwork support:

Column Formwork

1. Before we strengthen the column, it is better to fill some fine sand in the bottom box of the column, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the bottom of the column, and does not affect the natural rounding of the circular column  template. However, after the pouring is completed, the bottom box needs to be removed immediately, and then the fine sand that is filled is also cleaned up, so that the formwork can be removed more conveniently.Leveling the bottom of the casting formwork.

2. When installing the circular column  formwork, be sure to add spring pads between the closed bolts and tighten them to prevent the closed bolts from loosening and slurry leakage during vibration.

3. When we finish pouring the concrete, we need to perform verticality correction immediately, and then perform the final concrete re-seismic after the correction.Pay more attention to some common small problems when pouring circular column  formwork, so as to ensure that the casted cylinder will not be tilted or that there are cracks or bubbles in the deformworked cylinder to reduce unnecessary construction costs of circular pillars. Nowadays, the concrete circular column  wood formwork has replaced the steel formwork as the mainstream circular column  formwork for the circular column support formwork of the building, so it is necessary to understand the precautions for pouring concrete columns.Automatic demoulding of circular column wood formwork

   Focus on circular formwork for concrete construction for 10 years. The texture of the formwork is sturdy and durable, and can be turned over 10 times. If you are interested in our products, or if you have any questions above, please contact us.

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