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Circular column formwork applies building requirements of New Delhi Airport, India

发布时间:2019/12/9 16:05:16

Architecture is a magical discipline. Apart from the basic theory, the construction method is equally fascinating. In the project at New Delhi Airport, India. The circular column formwork produced by our company fully meets the requirements of the builder. 

In India, the construction of column formwork requires the support of an alignment. This will keep the pillars vertical. But alignment puts pressure on the wooden formwork. It is easy to destroy the integrity of the formwork and affect the surface of the concrete pillar.

Our solution is:

When the circular column formwork is reinforced with the delivered steel strips, reinforced wood is placed at four points on the periphery. Reusing the steel pipe everywhere can fix the wood on the surface of the formwork. This will increase the area of force when aligning the connection. Protected circular column template.

New Delhi Airport Project Site Picture:

delhi airport column formwork.jpg

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