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How to increase the reuse rate of column formworks

发布时间:2019/12/2 14:20:18

In general, the design of the Column Formwork can withstand the number of turnovers is much higher than the actual number of turnovers currently in use, and the reduced number of turnovers is mainly due to three reasons: First, irregular use; Second, pay attention to storage; Third, non-standard use. 

  The number of cycles of the column formwork depends on the glue and the pressing process. After the column formwork is used for many cycles, the glue will be opened. This is why the number of cycles is so small. But if you use high-quality phenol formaldehyde resin glue , and then using the hot-pressing process better, you can increase the number of times the turnover column formwork. Square Circle Formwork® uses high-quality glue, combined with the unique double-sided hot-pressing process, to ensure that the column formwork can be turned six times without opening the glue.

1. Reason for production: that is, the quality of the column formwork, the quality of the glue, the quality of the plate and the pressing process will affect the quality of the column formwork , especially the pressing process determines the quality of the column formwork after molding. Due to the cost of the double-sided hot-pressing process, only some manufacturers now use the double-sided hot-pressing process. The supporting steel belts and so on will also affect the number of turnovers, so we still need to fully understand when selecting the column formwork.

  2. Reason for storage: In fact, the storage environment is also the main reason that the number of turnovers of the column formwork is reduced. In a humid environment, the tightness between the plates of the column formwork will gradually decrease, and the wooden column formwork will reduce the toughness of the plate after being wet, and even the film and paper layer on the surface will wrinkle, affecting the demoulding effect. Some people place the cylindrical formwork everywhere when they are finished using it, or even place it in a dark and humid place. It is not known that these environments will cause great losses to the cylindrical formwork, and even the direct water will cause normal use.

 3. Irregular use is one of the main reasons to reduce the number of cycles of the column formwork. When it is used, there are usually some non-standard practices, such as violent disassembly or the steel belt is too tight. the reason.

  Column formwork can be 24 hours in the pouring form removal , after form removal must pay attention to maintenance. The specific maintenance method is to clean up the concrete residues on the surface of the formwork, and then modify the formwork to maintain the paint. It may also be possible to brush with oil, so that the external moisture can enter the center of the formwork and prevent the glue in the formwork from oxidizing . The maintenance of the formwork will greatly affect the number of formwork turnover. In some poor construction conditions, especially on wet hills, the number of formwork turnovers will be greatly reduced. Customers must pay attention to maintenance.

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