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column formwork clmaps

发布时间:2019/11/25 15:36:26

In the construction of modern construction projects, there are many building materials. In the process of building construction development, the column formwork clamp is a new type of building material that has been developed and produced. We can use this building material in the current construction projects to construct the building well. The project is completed and saves a lot of man-hours and speeds up the construction.

Column Formwork&clamps

The structure of the column formwork clmap is very simple, four card plates, four inclined irons, and each part is universal and has no positional direction. This design makes the round buckle in the construction process without any disadvantage, construction Speed is also the other reinforcement to prevent the ratio of the lawless. Radius of a button to enter the construction market has been recognized by construction units, one in construction enterprise financial officers loss of an account, these radius deduction each year for the enterprise section of about 500000Yuan construction cost of expenses.

Such economic savings is that Fangyuan buckle has quickly gained a reputation in the construction industry. Therefore, there are many construction projects using column formwork clamps in construction. There is also an important place where the construction of the column formwork clamp is fast. Now many of the construction site leaders are examining the tailoring of this construction .

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