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Advantage of column formwork system

发布时间:2019/11/19 16:10:42

Advantage 1:

In terms of building standards, one of the supporting advantages is that the supporting and reinforcing systems are more in line with professional operating process standards. The square-shaped plastic Column Formwork itself is customized and processed according to the requirements of the construction party drawings. It is customized for the height and diameter of the square pillars to be built. It is different from the ordinary building formwork after cutting and cutting. In the pre- and post-preparation and operation steps, the efficiency is higher. This result is derived from the operation of the woodworker and is very well documented. The reinforcement link is completed by a professional matching round buckle. It is a reinforcement product that directly corresponds to the plastic column formwork. It has outstanding advantages in terms of reinforcement balance and ease of operation. This result is also derived from the operation of woodworking, which is very good.


Advantage 2:

From the speed of the installation operation, the advantage of the square-shaped plastic column formwork + round buckle is that the reinforcing speed of the supporting formwork is fast and the construction efficiency is improved. Custom-made column formwork dimensions have been prepared at the factory, and can be quickly delivered to the construction site. The most important reinforcement link is the use of matching round buckles, and the two wooden columns are used for woodworking operations, and the reinforcement speed is significantly improved. It is mainly simple, scientific and reasonable. The round buckle is in the shape of a single elbow card. It is easier to insert and operate than the steel groove, the frame tube and the wall-to-wall twist nut. The wedge pin is directly cut into the square. The hole is reinforced, and the whole set of square round buckles is labor-saving and time-saving, and the single-column pillar reinforcement efficiency is significantly improved.

Column Formwork

Advantage 3:

From the perspective of the stripping effect, the third advantage is the use of a square-shaped column formwork + round buckle, and the rear cylinder is demoulded once, and the water effect is good. Now, from the perspective of building construction in different regions of the country, whether it is to construct a square column with a diameter of 800mm or a column with a diameter of 2m, whether the height of the square column is between 3-6m or more than 10m, the matching is adopted. The square-shaped column formwork + round buckle, the effect of creating the cylinder is effectively verified, and it is very cost-effective to calculate from the comprehensive cost, including: construction speed, product recycling, labor cost, construction effect and so on.

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