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Causes and solutions for honeycomb appearance in column formwork construction

ʱ䣺2019/10/31 15:44:09

The concrete cylinder is poured into a honeycomb shape:

Obviously, this is the honeycomb phenomenon that often occurs in concrete pouring works; obviously, this is not caused by the quality problem of our wooden column formwork, but as the best wooden column formwork manufacturer in China, the company still organizes a group of technicians. Give the customer a treatment plan and the precautions for pouring concrete next time!

It is very ugly to see the appearance of concrete in the concrete project. Of course, in the case of Party A and the supervisor, this is also the case that the construction quality is unqualified. Here, the staff has communicated with the technicians of the experienced construction unit and online for information. Especially for the construction friends to sort out.

Reasons for the appearance of honeycomb in concrete:

(1) The concrete mix ratio is not accurate, and the gravel grade is not good;

(2) Uneven mixing during concrete pouring;

(3) The formwork used for support appears at the slurry leakage site;

(4) The vibrating rod is not vibrated enough or leaks;

(5) The concrete poured once is too thick, the layering is unclear, the concrete is unclear, and the vibrating quality cannot be mastered;

(6) The free fall height exceeds the regulations, the concrete is separated, and the stones are piled up;

(7) The vibrator is damaged, or the temporary power failure causes leakage vibration;

(8) The vibration time is not sufficient and the air bubbles are not excluded.

column formwork in india

    Prevention measures for construction column formwork:

1 Strictly control the mix ratio, strictly measure, and often sample inspection;

2 concrete mixing must be sufficient and uniform;

3 If the height of the material is more than 2m, use a stringer or chute;

4 layered cutting, layered tamping, to prevent leakage vibration; vibrating bar spacing 40 to 50 cm, vibrating bar vibrating should follow the "fast in and out" principle, wait until the bubbling back to the next point.

5 Block the formwork gap, check and correct the leakage at any time during the pouring. After the formwork is supported, it is best to use a tape or putty to seal the gap of the formwork twice.

Treatment method for honeycomb concrete round columns:

1 pair of smaller honeycombs, cleaned and smoothed with 1:2 cement mortar;

2 pairs of larger honeycombs, chisel loose loose particles, wash the mold, carefully fill the compact with high-strength grade fine stone concrete;

For 3 pairs of deeper honeycombs, the slurry pipe and the exhaust pipe can be buried inside, and the surface mortar or concrete can be closed to carry out cement grouting treatment.

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