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Drive away the darkness with light, and defeat evil with goodness

发布时间:2019/10/21 10:59:07

Celebrating the Diwali will purify people's mind and body, and they will turn their backs and sorrows. At the same time, they will say that the light will overcome the darkness and the good will overcome the evil. Diwali is related to the myth of India and tells the story of justice over injustice and light over darkness.

According to legend, after 14 years of leaving India, Rama was finally defeated by his god, with the help of the monkey, defeating his wife's demon, Ravana, and returning to the ancient Indian city of Ayodhya. In order to celebrate the return of the king, the country has lit up thousands of lanterns, welcoming the new king to the throne, a crazy celebration. The city held a grand and joyous celebration for the return of the king, which symbolized the light of the king.

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Ramayana is one of the two epics of India. Rama’s position in Indian culture is even equivalent to Jesus’ position in the Christian world culture. The Indian tradition believed that Rama was the embodiment of Vishnu. He killed the devil, Lobona, and established the religious and moral standards of the human world. God once promised ants, and as long as the mountains and seas still exist, people still need to read Ramayana.

Diwali, this day is the day of the auspicious goddess Lakshmi. Every household cleans the court, opens the door, lights up, and welcomes the arrival of the god of wealth, Rishishmi. The four-handed goddess Rashishmi holds the lotus flower, and the worshipper is like a cloud. The goddess Lahishmi not only represents wealth, wisdom, luck, but also a symbol of beauty and vitality. In this festival, worship the goddess Rashishmi.

There are many customs of Dawali. On the construction site, the surface of the concrete column is smoother and smoother with the new column formwork. There will be more blessings coming.

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Bless again.


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