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Column formwork construction standard

发布时间:2019/10/11 16:28:58

  Construction project formwork safety standards, to prevent inferior quality plates from entering the construction site, to implement inspection of each batch of materials, in order to meet the requirements before they can be put into use. In particular, if the engineering layer is too high and the construction is complicated, it will bring certain difficulties to the work of the formwork, so the work of the formwork should be highly valued. For the through-wall screws removed from the column formwork, the piles should be cleaned in time and painted with anti-rust oil. The screw caps and butterfly clasps are stacked in separate bags. Construction project template construction safety standards? The construction unit shall prepare a special construction plan for the formwork support according to the regulations. The contents of the special construction plan for the formwork support include: preparation instructions and basis; project overview; construction plan; construction technology; construction safety assurance measures; labor plan; calculation book and related Drawings, etc. When the formwork bracket is set on the floor structure, the bearing capacity of the floor structure should be checked, and corresponding reinforcement measures should be taken under the floor structure according to the inspection results.

Column formwork

The wall side mold adopts a single piece of glue 1830mm×915mm×18mm, and the vertical block adopts 100mm×100mm square wood at both ends and the middle part of each plywood, and the spacing is 346mm. In addition, for the wall formwork, in order to maintain the thickness of the wall, it is also necessary to add bolt support to the wall body. After the bracket is set up, it shall be organized and accepted according to the regulations. After passing the test, the next step can be carried out. The template bracket erecting personnel must be the construction shelf workers qualified by the provincial construction administrative department. Regular physical examination should be carried out before the appointment, and those who pass the examination can be certified to work. The components used in the formwork support system must have the product quality certificate and quality inspection report, and be inspected and accepted. Unqualified products shall not be used. The foundation of the formwork support shall be solid and flat, and the bearing capacity shall meet the design requirements and shall be able to withstand all the loads on the upper part of the support. During the erection of the formwork bracket, the structure and stability of the bracket shall comply with the requirements of the corresponding standard specifications. During the installation of the formwork, the foundation of the formwork support, the pole pad and the base, the spacing of the bars, the verticality of the poles, the structural requirements of the supports, and the safety protection facilities shall be checked. Before the installation work, the person in charge of the project shall submit the safety technology of the construction operation to the operation team in writing, and the operation team shall conduct the self-inspection and mutual inspection of the work on and off from the written basis.

Also check the elevation, axis position, inner gallery size, full height perpendicularity deviation, lateral bending deviation, arching degree, surface flatness, plate joints, embedded parts and reserved holes. For the construction of the column formwork, the residual mortar can be shoveled with a ash shovel, and the concrete can be individually bonded. It can be lightly removed with a flat chisel, then sanded with a sandpaper or rusted with a wire brush until it is bright and rust-free. If conditions permit, it should be cleaned by various forms of steel stencil cleaning machine. If it is cleaned with a hammer, the surface or surface of the board will be uneven or damaged. During the installation of the template, a special person shall be responsible for the safety inspection, and the problem shall be reported to the relevant personnel for handling. When in distress, stop work immediately and take emergency measures. After repair or danger is removed, construction can continue. Before the formwork bracket is removed, it shall be handed over to the bottom, and there shall be a written record of the bottom; the concrete strength of the structure before the formwork bracket is removed shall reach the specified strength of the design; the guard ring shall be set before the formwork bracket is removed, and special personnel shall be set up for supervision.

The column formwork must be standardized during construction, and the acceptance test should be carried out carefully. The support of the template should be properly constructed and firm during the construction of the column formwork. We must build it firmly and avoid construction in bad weather. In the consideration of the standard load of the support of the template, there is no accurate grasp, which causes serious load; and the other equipment used is of poor quality and cannot effectively achieve its proper function.



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