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Can you use PP Plastic Plywood from Square Circular Formwork® for circular column formwork?

     Can you use PP Plastic Plywood from Square Circular Formwork® for circular column formwork? We have many years of experience in the Square Circular Formwork® for bridge forms. For example, some of the high-speed rail constructions in China are useful for cylindrical forms, square columns and other products of Square Circular Formwork®. It is also used in non-standard buildings. It can be said that in the current bridge construction, the PP plastic plywood is an indispensable part. The square-shaped plastic cylindrical formwork adopts high-strength and high-brightness plastic, no poisonous and environmentally friendly, the surface is smooth and wear-resistant, and the high temperature is not deformed. The clear water effect is particularly outstanding. It is widely used in shear walls and high-rise construction. It can be customized according to customer needs. Some construction workers may encounter such a problem during construction. In the special construction site or corner, the wooden formwork is used for the support at the end of the construction period. Yes, the biggest advantage of the round wooden circular form is that it can be cut freely. According to the needs of the project, cutting has solved the difficult problem of process construction.


    Therefore, in the bridge construction formwork, the cylindrical and square column formwork can be used in large quantities. The square-shaped building cylindrical formwork is a good choice. Generally, the wooden cylindrical formwork can be used to water the concrete within seven meters and can be watered once, seven meters. The above height is recommended to be watered twice. The first watering can be carried out 30-60 minutes after the first watering. This is very efficient. Of course, the best is to use its water release effect. We also wrote the square before. The mirror effect of the template demoulding, you can try it. Square Circular Formwork® is a cylindrical formwork manufacturer with a diameter of 4200mm. We are professional for the customization of large-diameter templates. Of course, for the special customization of products, cylindrical templates with a diameter of ≥200mm or more, curved templates, fan-shaped templates, etc. Can be tailored! Fangyuan is a custom template expert around you!

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