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Adjustable column clamp Points to note when installing

The first major point: Formwork should be installed in a wrong position. The square column Formwork is installed in a wrong position according to the length of the opposite side and the length difference between the adjacent sides. It is then reinforced with a fixed steel strip and the distance between the fixed steel strips is 30-50 cm. The bottom plane of the square column formwork is preferably 0.5-1 cm from the ground and filled with concrete.

The second major point: the steel belt horizontal installation square column formwork steel belt installation is best to use the steel ruler to measure the formwork up and down, horizontal installation according to the specified spacing distance, install wedge-shaped fixed pin, each fixed pin should be consistent in strength . Make sure that the square column error is small. The third major point: the steelwork belt square column formwork should be installed at the upper and lower interface parts of the formwork interface, and a steel strip should be installed horizontally and reinforced at the interface to maintain the vertical and side pressures of the square pillar formwork when pouring concrete.

The fourth major point: the fixed steel strip should be reversely aligned in accordance with the 20-40CM spacing to install the fixed steel strip in turn, the upper and lower steel strips are fastened with the fixing pins, and the upper and lower steel strip limit sleeves are arranged in opposite alignment, the last steel With the limit sleeve is corresponding to the next steel belt corner, the next steel belt corner is corresponding to the next steel belt, of course, the limit sleeve, can be installed in sequence.

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